Killer Python to get Heart Foundation Tick

Sydney, Australia (10 October 2014):  Nestlé Australia announced today that in an unprecedented achievement for the category in Australia, its popular Killer Python confectionery will carry the Heart Foundation Tick in 2015.

This is the first time that confectionery has earned the Heart Foundation Tick. “We don’t know why we didn’t think of this before,” said Mr Bill Wonka, Regional Director, Nestle Australia. “But once we took a close look at the Heart Foundation Tick criteria, we knew that the Killer Python could become a key part of our promise to deliver superior nutrition to Australian families.

“All we had to do was cut the little buggers in half.  Then suddenly we were under the calorie limit.  They already had no fat and the Heart Foundation doesn’t look at sugar. From today, consumers have a healthier confectionery option that means they don’t sacrifice on taste.  It’s a win for everyone.” he said.

“We are now looking closely at the rest of our confectionary lines and a number of beloved brands are currently undergoing renovations to meet the Heart Foundation’s strict nutrient criteria. Keep an eye out for Chicos with added fibre in the new year.”

“We are proud that Nestle is now carrying the Heart Foundation Tick in a confectionery line. Nestle Australia should be congratulated on their commitment to an extensive reformulation programme that provides Australian families with more healthier choices at snack time,” said a spokesperson for the National Heart Foundation.

“For more than two decades the Tick has been successfully challenging food companies to produce healthier foods. Now, we are challenging more confectionery makers to match the commitment of Nestle Australia.”

Reaction from the public has been mixed.  Clive Parma from Canberra was pleased that the Pythons now had the tick “I was sick of feeling guilty every time I sucked down their chewy goodness,” he said, “Now they are approved by the Heart Foundation,  I know they must be doing me good, even if I do have to buy twice as many.”

Health professionals also welcomed the news. “A 10 year old can now run off a Heart Foundation approved Killer Python in around 30 minutes,” said dietitian Ms Pixie Golightly,  “With the old junk food Pythons, it would have taken almost an hour,”

But on social media the mood has been less positive. “Not fun for the kids at all any more,” wailed Verity Smythe-Jones on Allen’s Facebook page. “my kids won’t touch health food – as soon as they see that tick they’ll avoid them – what chance do I have of getting them to eat the new healthy pythons?” she wrote

Nestle expects the new Heart Foundation approved Treat Sized Pythons to be available shortly.

Note: This is satire – nothing about this piece is true (no matter how close to the truth it might seem)

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  • Where can I buy these Heart Foundation Ticks? Are these jelly insects bigger or smaller than a Killer Python? Surely a python with a tick is unhealthier than a python without one?

  • Deborah says:

    Oh thank goodness, now i can abandon common sense entirely and indulge, having that little red tick assures me my ticker is safe

  • Jane Hayes says:

    Thank God I found this article. Having a chronic illness that brings with it an increased risk of heart disease I am grateful that the Heart Foundation has given their Killer Pythons the big tick of approval. I have never had Killer Pythons in the past so look forward to including them in my diet. I might enjoy them with a nice milo cereal in the morning.

    Thanks Heart Foundation for having my best interests at heart.

  • Sam Roberts says:

    Haha this is great

  • Funkypinkone says:

    ‘Mr Bill Wonka, Regional Director, Nestle Australia’

  • Jason says:

    Heart foundation u should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves disgusting

  • joe says:

    I can’t find anything on the NHF site or NEstle media release page of their website about it getting the Tick. Can you please provide a link.

  • David Gillespie says:

    Joe its satire, you won’t find it anywhere because it’s not true

  • Simmo says:

    Dude it’s SATIRE !!!!!
    – you seem a little peekish , maybe you need a quick heart foundation approved sugar hit , may I suggest a Killer Python dipped in Milo and washed down with a 725ml of Mother ???

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