Should we de-fund ‘private’ schools?

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In 2011-12 Australian governments spent a tad over $47 billion on running the country’s schools. But only three quarters of that went to government owned schools. The remaining $10 billion or so went to ‘private’ (catholic and independent) schools. Governments are not normally big fans of throwing public money at private choices, but when it comes to schooling, the purse is well and truly open.

I recently had a chat on air with Dr Timothy Hawkes, Headmaster of The Kings School about whether Australian taxpayers should be footing the bill for ‘private’ schools.

Click Here to watch the recording.

Peter FitzSimons stops eating sugar

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Peter FitzSimons has battled with sugar and weight gain. The former Wallaby piled on the kilos after he hung up the boots.

Now at age 50, he takes on the challenge to cut sugar from his diet, with amazing results. Peter’s investigation asks is sugar really bad for you, or is it the victim of bad PR?

Read more about the Sunday Night story which shows how Peter lost 20 kilograms in just 10 weeks by not eating sugar.

“This is a life-changing book. I’m now 25 kilos lighter – simply by understanding and embracing the principles in Sweet Poison.”

Peter FitzSimons  

Peter FitzSimons is a well-respected columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald, is the Chair of the Australian Republican Movement and has written over 27 best-selling books.

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Four years on, Peter has now lost 45kgs.  As he says:

“What I am is a bloke who was once fit enough to play Test rugby at 114 kilograms, before blowing out to a shattering 152 kilograms four years ago … who has now made his way back to 106 kilograms.”

He has now released his own book about exactly how he applied what he found in Sweet Poison.