Food Ready Reckoner and Business Reviews

Bread1The Food Ready Reckoner is a database of over 2,000 foods that contains information on the exact amount of fructose and omega-6 fat in those foods.  It is not brand specific, it just gives general numbers for food types including those that don’t have brands (like say, a Banana or a pork chop).

The Business Reviews database is a crowd (you) sourced list of businesses that will help you live a sugar and vegetable oil free life.  You’ll find everything from doctors to fish and chip shops.  And if you know of a business that is doing the right thing, then just go ahead and add them into the database.


A searchable database of over 2,000 common foods which tells you the amount of fructose, fibre and polyunsaturated fats per 100 grams or per 100 millilitres of product.



This is a convenient way to find businesses in your area.  Use this section to add new businesses that haven’t been reviewed or add your own reviews to businesses that are already in the database.