Peter FitzSimons stops eating sugar

By November 14, 2013Media, Sugar, Television

Peter FitzSimons has battled with sugar and weight gain. The former Wallaby piled on the kilos after he hung up the boots.

Now at age 50, he takes on the challenge to cut sugar from his diet, with amazing results. Peter’s investigation asks is sugar really bad for you, or is it the victim of bad PR?

Read more about the Sunday Night story which shows how Peter lost 20 kilograms in just 10 weeks by not eating sugar.

“This is a life-changing book. I’m now 25 kilos lighter – simply by understanding and embracing the principles in Sweet Poison.”

Peter FitzSimons  

Peter FitzSimons is a well-respected columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald, is the Chair of the Australian Republican Movement and has written over 27 best-selling books.

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Four years on, Peter has now lost 45kgs.  As he says:

“What I am is a bloke who was once fit enough to play Test rugby at 114 kilograms, before blowing out to a shattering 152 kilograms four years ago … who has now made his way back to 106 kilograms.”

He has now released his own book about exactly how he applied what he found in Sweet Poison.

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  • Anna says:

    Your link to the Peter Fitz article/video is not working!!!

  • Sarah says:

    I have started the Peter FitzSimons diet. No sugar, no booze. Two days in…and feeling better already!

  • the links to the video is not working!

  • Arthur dalton says:

    Long before reading David’s book, in 2011, I was informed that I was marginally diabetes 2. So I immediately gave up sugar. No more in coffee and tea. No more Pepsi’s or coke. No sweet drinks of any kind. No ice cream in any form or cakes of any kind. I weighed just over 70kg at the start and was down to 63kg within 2 months. A side effect that I not anticipated. 6 years later (2016) I have maintained this weight. Diabetes free and feeling great. My current age is 84. As fit as superman. He must be over 100 years old. He was a grown up man when I was a kid.

  • Rob Burton says:

    Hi David. Just want to say thank you to both you and Peter Fitzsimons. Wife bought me Peter’s book for Christmas. I couldnt put it down. Immediately put it into practice, except I still enjoy the occasional drink. I just avoid the sweeter ones (I miss red wine). I’m 56 years old and had reached BMI close to 35. Week 7, and I’ve lost almost 10 kg. Never hungry, feel great. I’m starting a blog soon and have been taking photos at milestones to record this. (I thought I would wait until I hit my first major milestone before launching the blog. I should hit it when I weight in tomorrow or next week.) Unlike every other time I’ve tried to lose weight and get fit, this time it’s easy, so I know it is going to work. I think the effect of fructose on the appetite is the point that many of your critics are missing. That’s the big thing I’ve noticed. I have been pushing my plate away quite often with food still on it. My family are amazed by that alone. I’ve been reading articles by many of the “experts” who are challenging you. You must feel the same as those who first spoke out against Nicotine. I don’t care what science they put up to slow the truth from coming out. The evidence is gathering as more and more people learn the truth. Once again, THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Rob Burton says:

    Ooops, forgot to mention. Sorry. After reading Peter’s book, that was enough to get me started. But I was still curious about some of the science he referred to from your book. So I’ve since read your book. Finished it 30 minutes ago. Fascinating read. Thanks again David. I hope you make lots and lots of money out of this. You are saving lives, so you deserve it. I know that’s not what got you on this journey in the first place, but your hard work to research this and then share the story is just fantastic. I’ll now go and read some of your other books on other foods. Once again David, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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