All of David’s books are available from this site. And each book purchased is personally signed by David. If you buy multiple copies of books you will receive multi-buy discounts and keep an eye out for sugar themed or oil themed bundles which also offer great discounts.

All of the books are also available electronically (obviously those aren’t signed).

In addiction to the books there is a great range of electronic resources (such as guides to the sugar content of common foods) available in the Resource Store.

The Books

 Free Schools Cover Small
Free Schools

David Gillespie has six kids. When it came time to select high schools, he thought it worth doing some investigation to assess the level of advantage his kids would enjoy if he spent the required $1.3 million to send them all to private schools.

Shockingly, the answer was: none whatsoever.

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The Sweet Poison Quit Plan Cookbook

Ex-lawyer and ex-sugarholic, David Gillespie, revolutionised the lives and eating habits of thousands of Australians with his bestsellers on the dangers of sugar, Sweet Poison and The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. To help get us unhooked from sugar, David with the help of wife Lizzie, gave us recipes for sweet foods made with dextrose-pure glucose, a healthy alternative to table sugar. Here, David has worked with a chef to develop more delicious fructose-free recipes.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to charity

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Toxic Oil

“‘Vegetable’ oil makes you exceedingly vulnerable to cancer. Every extra mouthful of vegetable oil you consume takes you one step closer to a deadly (and irreversible) outcome.”With these words David Gillespie begins his follow-up to the bestseller Big Fat Lies: How the diet industry is making you sick, fat & poor. In Big Fat Lies he analysed the latest scientific evidence to show us that vegetable oils, specifically seed oils, are dangerous to our health, despite that fact that they are recommended by government health agencies.

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Big Fat Lies

In Big Fat Lies David explodes the myths about diet, exercise and vitamin supplements, examining the latest scientific evidence and exposing the role the multibillion-dollar food, health and diet industries have played in promoting the health messages we follow or feel guilty about not following.

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The Sweet Poison Quit Plan

Packed with reader anecdotes and lists to help you organise your sugar-free life, this book presents one of the most accessible and achievable strategies around for losing weight and avoiding some of the more pernicious lifestyle diseases that are increasingly associated with excessive sugar consumption. Gillespie is an informed and entertaining writer who makes his subject fascinating, and inspires with his passion and logic.

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Sweet Poison

The #1 Bestseller, Sweet Poison exposes one of the great health scourges of our time and offers a wealth of practical and accessible information on how to avoid fructose, increase your enjoyment of food and lose weight.

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  • Rachel Thornton says:

    Hi I have quit sugar now for nearly 5 weeks, I have not lost much weight yet but am feeling terrific and am less bloated. i have been questioned about something that im not sure to answer and i am hoping that you can help me with it. if i have given up all sugar how do i replenish my body after a 15km run when the other athletes use powerade and other forms of sugar.

  • Margie Milne says:

    I have lost 15kg feeling much better,I was on the verge of being a diabetic now My levels are normal thanks to David’s book sweet poison, I have been dieting all my adult life, this was so easy. Thank you David cheers margi

  • Amy says:

    Hi there I am trying to purchase the toxic oil and big fat lies books but cannot get the discount to work… How can I do this? There doesn’t seem to be a help/contact form.
    I already have the sweet poison book and thought it was an excellent read.

  • Bob farmin says:

    Waters best ! Your body will take a bit to adjust that’s all

  • Vicki says:

    Hi David, I agree with your philosophy a day have benefited from removing sugar & bad fats from my diet.
    I am a teacher and would love to introduce this to my students any suggestions.

  • […] of health issues, the two biggies being the dangers of fructose and vegetable oils. I love his book Sweet Poison – it was the first one I read that detailed the science behind why too much fructose is bad […]

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