There’s a Goatie shortage where I live.  I hope it’s fixed soon.  

Goaties are delicious sweets that I discovered shortly after deciding that I could never eat fructose again.  In Sweet Poison I suggest that its not that hard for food manufacturers to switch to glucose sweetened food rather than sugar/fructose sweetening.  Well Goaties are living proof of that.  
They normally reside in the health food section of my local Coles, but alas there appears to have been a run on the Goatie supplies.  Recent communiques from loyal readers suggest the supply problem is widespread, with Goaties missing in action in all corners.  
The company that makes them still appears to exist, so I hold out hope that the current problems are temporary.  Long live the Goaties!

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  • bob says:

    I found goaties at my local organic food chain store this morning. They said they are a bit seasonal and spring is a bad time for goats’ milk. It is unusual for Coles to stock seasonal products isn’t it? I thought they preferred constant supplies.

    I appreciate your tips on no-fructose sweets and drinks because my teenager daughter is doing middle distance running and the coach likes them to come to training with soft drink, mars bars and sports drink on board. The orthodontist also said, for the sake of the teeth with the braces on them, avoid sugar but that glucose jelly beans are OK. Is there such a thing?

  • Bob,

    I think the dentist may have been talking about Glucojel

    Unfortunately they are not pure Glucose. They are also sweetened with sugar (more than 30% sugar in fact). Best to stick to the Goaties for now.

  • b0b555 says:

    Found a couple of sites that sell them online:

    Have just ordered some. Hope the kids like them.

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