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Brain Reset reveals a large and robust body of research that shows how addictive activities, such as screen use, sugar consumption, drinking, gambling, shopping and smoking, spike our dopamine levels. This, in turn, affects our brain’s ability to regulate our mood. now.


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“This is a life-changing book. I’m now 41 kilos lighter – simply by understanding and embracing the principles in Sweet Poison.”

Peter FitzSimons  

Peter FitzSimons is a well-respected columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and Sun-Herald, is the Chair of the Australian Republican Movement and has written over 27 best-selling books.

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When you first quit sugar, its handy to have some stand-by recipes.  Grab this starter set of recipes from the book absolutely free.

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The Eat Real Food Cookbook is your guide to saying ‘no’ to the food the manufacturers want you to eat and ‘yes’ to the sort of food that will help you manage your weight and the long-term health of your family.

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Why you shouldn’t be eating Vegetable Oils

Follow David’s advice and you’ll be able to make healthy food choices based on evidence rather than what the processed food industry wants you to believe. So have a good breakfast — preferably bacon and eggs — strap yourself in, and be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about fat turned upside down.

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Which School is Best?

The great public-versus-private debate has raged for years. Will the local high school suffice, or do you need to pay big bucks for a private education?

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Australia’s Pill-Popping Problem: The Persistence of Preventable Chronic Disease, a Decade in Review

| Addiction, Mental Illness, Sugar, Vegetable Oils | No Comments

The Australian Government spent a staggering $17 billion on prescription drugs last year.  But here’s the alarming truth: most of those pills are for conditions that are largely preventable.  We’re…

Australia’s Sweet Poison: How Sugar is Ravaging Our Livers (And Why the Experts Are Dangerously Wrong)

| Big Fat Lies, Sugar, Sweet Poison | No Comments

The so-called experts are obsessed with obesity, wagging their fingers at our expanding waistlines like disappointed schoolmarms. But obesity is a symptom, not the disease. It’s like blaming a cough for pneumonia. The real villain is sugar, the sweet assassin that’s silently sabotaging our insides.

The truth is, obesity and NAFLD often go hand-in-hand, but one doesn’t necessarily cause the other. They’re both symptoms of a deeper problem: our addiction to sugar.

Addiction in Reverse: The Link Between Anorexia and Reward Deficiency

| Addiction, Mental Illness, Teens | One Comment

What if food restriction fuels the cycle, not breaks it? Imagine a netball carnival buzzing with teenage energy – a kaleidoscope of team colours and high-fives. Beneath the surface of…

About David

“Gillespie is academically gifted, a linguist, excellent at most things he turns his mind to…he’s a polymath, an old-fashioned Renaissance man, who finds few things dull and everything else interesting.” The Courier Mail

David Gillespie is a father of six, a recovering corporate lawyer, a former co-founder of a successful software company and the author of eight bestselling books.

His first book, Sweet Poison, published in 2008 is widely credited with starting the current Australian wave of anti-sugar sentiment.

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