It’s been a busy week on the hustings for me (hey, let’s face it one interview would be busy for a media amateur like me) with three bits of media stuff (that’s a technical term) hitting the streets.
I spoke to Steve Austin on ABC Statewide (QLD) on Tuesday night.  Steve has very kindly posted a recording of the interview in his blog.
On Wednesday this month’s issue of Slimming and Health Magazine came out with a terrific (and lengthy) summary of some of the ‘how to’ aspects of the book.  It’s not available online, but you can get it from most supermarkets and newsagents.
On Thursday the Sunshine Coast Daily came out with this story with a nice photo of some the kids and I.

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  • wise23girl says:

    Well you are a successful media tart. I heard your talk on ABC radio ,now have two books and am very busy recruiting .

  • b0b555 says:


    I hope you are right about this because I AM LOVING THIS!!

    I caught a bit of your radio show with Steve Austin (who is fantastic!) and went out and bought your book. I had lost 2.5 KG before I finished the book (only reading it on the train on the way home). 3 weeks on and the initial rate has slowed a little but I am now down over 4 KG. And I had to make very few changes to my eating lifestyle.

    Already feel changes to hunger and fullness feelings.


  • Its brilliant you’ve gotten off to such a flying start but remember some weeks you will lose weight and others you won’t … the point is that you will be much healthier AND you’re appetite will control what and when you eat rather than fructose making you eat all the time.

    I love the feedback …


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