Alan loses 3kg in 3 weeks …

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You undoubtedly remember me mentioning the journo from Noosa who very publicly decided to follow a Sweet Poison way of life.  You’ll also remember that I said if it was working out for him, I’d keep you updated.  

Well, he’s just gone to print with an update.  Not only has he lost 3kgs in 3 weeks, but he’s convinced Trevor Taege, 4GY‘s news reader (pictured) to join in with him.  Trevor’s planning to knock a few kilo’s off his 147kg frame.
Also in news just in, I’ve been invited today to appear before the Inquiry into Obesity in Australia when it holds hearings at the Gold Coast on 8 December.

It’s a public hearing and I see that the venue (Robina Community Centre) holds 600 people (which might almost be enough), so come along if you’re in the area (or even not), I’d love to see you there.  

It kicks off at 9am and I think I may be on at 11(ish) for half an hour or so but as soon as that is definite, I’ll post the details.
Oh and one last thing, the Courier Mail ran an opinion piece I wrote on Big Sugar yesterday and Greg Cary from 4BC was kind enough to have me on his show this morning to discuss it.

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  • wise23girl says:

    Congratulations to Alan…you will inspire others.

    And to you David it is absolutely wonderful that those who make decisions are listening.

    Glad I came on board before you reach oprah-like fame and cannot keep track of all your fans.

  • Thanks Marg! … I’ll try to remember the little people … 🙂

  • Rhonda says:

    This photograph has been used in a local lifestyle magazine called “Mary Valley Living”. I was excited when I recognised the photo and read the story promoting your book and the dangers of fructose but I was a little concerned about a couple of the quotes in the story. “It’s added to fruit juice,” Gillespie said. (Fructose is was he is refering to as IT). And that “Gillespie claims to have lost 40kg in 40 weeks.

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