Paid to exercise

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Long term readers of this blog (anyone who’s been reading it for a month) will know what I think of the concept of exercising to lose weight.  A can of coke contains enough energy to power you riding a bike for 8km.  So why not skip the coke and the 8km ride and call it a day?  

Worse than that there is some research which suggests that exercise may in fact make you fatter (primarily because it makes you hungrier).  As if you need research.   Anyone who’s ever rewarded themselves with a Mars Bar after a workout will confirm that one.
So its very frustrating in the face of an obvious solution to the obesity problem (removing fructose) to have governments continually ram home a message that we all need to exercise more.  
What’s next?  Paying us to exercise?  … well … ah … yes.  
The Daily Mail reported today that the UK Government will be paying parents to walk their children to school.  This is all part of a $70m trial program which will give rewards points for weight loss!  Apparently the poms will get points just for turning up to an exercise class and then bonus points if they actually manage to lose weight.
Obesity rates have doubled during the 40 years where we have been told incessantly to exercise (and have done so).  So given how spectacularly unsuccessful exercise is as a weight loss tool, I don’t think they are at too much risk of having to pay out on the bonus points.  Do you?

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