That Sugar Film

By December 28, 2013Sugar

‘That Sugar Film’ is a feature documentary being made by Madman Entertainment and Old Mates Productions. It is a bold and colourful ride exploring all things sugar. We look at sugar’s prevalence in society and see if it is having any major effects on the mind and body.

As part of the film, our host and director, Damon Gameau, who has eaten little to no sugar in the past 2 years is putting himself through a ‘Super Size Me’ inspired adventure of consuming 40 teaspoons of sugar per day found in common food and drinks. This is only marginally above the average daily amount consumed by teenagers world wide.

He will be monitored by a team of doctors and scientists from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. He will also head out on an international journey and be joined by many familiar faces who are willing to look at sugar a little more closely.

While Damon is taking part in the experiment he will be keeping a daily diary of what items he has consumed to reach 40 teaspoons a day. Take note that there will be little consumption of perceived ‘junk’ food but rather he will be highlighting the hidden sugars that are found in many ‘healthy’ marketed products.

Directed by Damon Gameau

Produced by Rory Williamson and Nick Batzias

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