Smoke point sub 700

In the graphic, I’ve set out the typical smoke points for the good oils and fats you might be cooking with.  Remember these are rough numbers as each brand will get a slightly different result. But using this table you should be able to figure out the best oil to use for various types of cooking.  To get access to this graphic, become a member.  You’ll also get access to loads of other premium content, such as recipes, detailed guides to sugar content and handy calculators to help you show for low seed oil foods.


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  • Julian Greig says:

    Hi David,

    I used this table today to begin my doughnut test & thought I’d feedback. It’s great! Especially in tandem with the Ready Reckoner you out up recently. Thanks a lot for creating valuable and useful products.

  • Sylvia Foxcroft says:

    Thank you for all your advice online and in your books. I’m sure you are pleased to see that your thoughts on sugar (and fats) are now being vindicated although in the UK I think it will be a long hard slog to convince most people that they eat too much sugar in all forms and also use the wrong oils.

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