Best Chips in QLD

By October 22, 2015

Best Chips in QLD


Cooks Chips in Animal Fat (Gold Leaf Oil)

Senator McGrath exposed his “spit-flecked hatred” for the beer-battered chip, citing Oasis Roadhouse as the top establishment to grab the best good old-fashioned plain chip in the Sunshine State.

“The Oasis Roadhouse at The Lynd, at the intersection of the Kennedy (the Hann Highway) and Gregory Development Roads, has edged out Karumba’s Ash’s Cafe for the best chips in Queensland,” Senator McGrath posted.

Oasis Roadhouse owner Karley Royes, who runs the fast food restaurant with her mum Pauline and sister Laurell, said she wasn’t aware her cafe had been awarded such a title.

LNP Senator James McGrath prefers the good old-fashioned plain cut chip.

LNP Senator James McGrath prefers the good old-fashioned plain cut chip. Photo: Facebook

“I wasn’t aware, that is a very nice surprise, very lovely,” she said.

Bizarrely, it’s not the first time someone has compared Ms Royes’s chips with those found at Ash’s Cafe in Karumba, some eight hours drive away.

“Someone came through and said we have the best chips here, and they are on par with the Karumba chips,” she said.

While Ms Royes herself isn’t adverse to the beer-battered chip, her mum refused to have them in the shop.

“We did try beer battered chips. I didn’t mind them myself but my mother doesn’t like them at all, so we decided to go back to the McCain chips, we find they are the best,” Ms Royes said.

So what makes the perfect chip?

“We use McCain’s 10mm straight cut chips and we cook them in golden leaf oil,” Ms Royes said.

“It has a lot to do with the chip and also the type of oil you use.

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David Gillespie
October 22, 2015

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