David talks at length with Virginia Trioli (ABC Breakfast) about the factors which should influence a parent’s choice of school.

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  • Pamela Lee says:

    Hi David,
    I’ve lived your book – “Toxic Men”, & have had Chronic Depression for 17years, plus Post Traumic Stress. Had my House, Car, Bank Acc., Super
    all manipulated from me.
    I’ve become involved in Goodsheppard, Firmer Foundations and W.I.R.E.
    I am speaking at a presentation in Melbourne next Tuesday at WIRE – who are researching, filming etc., the day.
    I will be mentioning your book – as I believe it will be very helpful. As I am ‘pennyiless’ I was hoping to obtain a book from you I can use
    at the presentation. Can I recommend you to these groups personally? If so, how do I contact you.
    Thanks so much for all your research, for the first time I’m thinking it’s not my fault & I can now also understand my friends still tolerate him socially.
    Would love to hear from you as there are a lot of girls hurting out there. Sincere Regards, Pam

  • David Gillespie says:

    Will contact via email Pamela

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