Not all Big Macs are created equal

By June 3, 2014Charts, Sugar

In the fast paced global economy of the 21st century the weary traveler often yearns for something that reminds them of home.  And one thing that is sure to be available anywhere a jet can land is a Big Mac.  But not all Big Macs are created equal when it comes to sugar content.

In the graph above, I’ve charted some samples of the sugar content of Big Macs around the world.  If you want more than two teaspoons of sugar added to your burger then the US & Canada is the place to dine, with the UK and Ireland not far behind.

The Italians dial it down a little and Australia takes it down even further but the place where a Big Mac contains the least sugar is in New Zealand.  Go the Kiwis!

If you want to find out how to avoid the sugar in processed and take-away food, then you’ll find it easy if you have my Sugar Free Shopper’s Guide.  Australian and UK versions are now available with the US version coming soon.

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  • Wade says:

    I do believe this is because Americans are used to their bread being sweeter, so McDonald’s obliges.

  • Kate McClure says:

    They are also entirely different sizes. The Australian Big mac is considerably smaller than the US one, which is probably why it has less sugar.

  • Andrés says:

    “And one thing that is sure to be available anywhere a jet can land is a Big Mac”: not exactly.

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