Losing weight the easy way

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Thank you to all the people who take the time to send me feedback about Sweet Poison.  I especially like hearing about how reading the book has changed people’s lives.  The email quoted below is an example of exactly that:

… just a quick note to let you know what has happened since reading your book.

I bought the book on the 31/08/08. I started to change my habits immediately. I only had to make some small changes as I don’t eat a lot of junk food, but here’s what’s happened.
I have been trying to lose a few kilos for about a year, I exercise most days and try to do all the right things but nothing. I have lost 2.5 kgs, lost 3cm of my waist and 2cm off my hips in only a few weeks!! I can’t believe it, and all I did was cut out a few things.

No more plain biscuits at work with my coffee, I have a selection of nuts instead. I tossed all my “low fat” muesli bars in the bin and changed my breakfast to oats as recommended by you.

That’s it, nothing else. I kept up the exercise but I  now do it because it helps me start the day not to lose weight.

I still have a little more weight to lose but at least I know that it can be done. It amazes me how something so “sweet” can turn evil once it hits your system. I can’t wait to jump on the scales in a few more weeks once I start to get a bit more savvy with reading labels on products. I’m sure more weight will drop off once I get the hang of working out what is actually in food.

Thank you for such a great book. I am actually reading it a second time. 

Keep up the blog, I love reading your updates.

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