The Day the Heart Foundation turned into a Secret Society

The Australian Heart Foundation has blocked me on twitter. Let me just say that again slowly – A publicly funded charity (whose purpose is to disseminate information) has stopped a member of the public from receiving that information.

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  • Renee Piab says:

    I actually see this as a form of censorship on their part. They are trying to block your access to information and prevent you from expressing your valid opinion about the poor quality of information they are disseminating to the public which trusts and supports them.

    Perusing their website I was aghast at the outdated and frequently now incorrect material it contains. Fortunately, the average member of the public is better informed nowadays and has access to unlimited alternate sources of information, both in the print media, on TV and on the Internet. Moreover, you and others have raised public awareness sufficiently to negate this puerile blocking of access to Twitter. Bad publicity for them and GREAT publicity for you!

  • Heather says:

    Hi David,
    I know nothing about Twitter so asked my teenage daughter about your situation. Apparently all tweets are available to view even if you aren’t a follower. She got me to google Heart foundation australia twitter & I got to a page showing their tweets. (No offence meant if you already knew that!)
    So even though they won’t allow you to reply, you can still track their misinformation & share with us on your site or fbook or in a fresh tweet of your own (just not as a retweet) 🙂

  • David Gillespie says:

    Thanks Heather – I know there are many ways that I can continue to discover Heart Foundation disinformation. I guess the point was more that we have the peak heart health information body in Australia behaving like a petulant child.

  • Marion Harmening says:

    Who is funding the Heart Foundation?? Maybe blocking you is in one (or more) of the funding company’s interest.

  • Magreth says:

    What iS wrong here is not the fact that you can’t read their biased opinions and information but that you have been censored and are not able to voice your opinion Because it contrasts with their beliefs! That is so wrong! I can’t believe how much total rubbish they spout out to uneducated people and how many of these people are like mice on a wheel going no where but to an early grave after living most of their lives in bad health! Thank you David foR opening my eyes.

  • mike pollard says:

    Happened to me too.
    I have been a member of Heart UK/Healthunlocked for at least 4 years, swimming against the mainstream by regularly posting on diet and health.
    I posted a long piece on Familial Hypercholesterolemia (the poster child of Healthunlocked) suggesting another way of looking at the condition outside of the statin route. It was instantly taken down, suggesting my heretical views were being closely monitored.
    The information therein, freely available on the web, was denied to anyone with an interest in the condition, which is censorship as gross as this example of david’s.

  • Naomi Klahn says:

    Me too! Mind you, I was blocked (from commenting) from other Facebook sites, for speaking the truth – both public, state companies.

  • David says:

    Freedom of speech is most definitely a much valued human right. This freedom was vindicated in the state of North Carolina USA, when the diabetic warrior and blogger Steve Cooksey sued the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition (and won) for trying to censor his blog. The board claimed Steve was “counselling and assessing” without a license. As a result the board were obliged to alter their guidelines to allow people to blog without a license. However this decision took a three year fight by Steve. Steve Cooksey’s blog is very similar to David’s in that they both show a common sense approach to sugar and fructose ie avoid them. Thanks to David Gillespie and Steve Cooksey! I hope that the Heart Foundation can show the same common sense and realize freedom of speech is not only a human right, but a fair method of encouraging positive discussion.

  • G says:

    The whole point is they don’t want David to express his views…

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