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Cadbury is worried about the carbon footprint of its chocolate.  I think there are plenty of things to worry about with chocolate but I must admit that the carbon footprint would have been close to the bottom of the list.

Apparently the ‘glass and a half of full cream milk’ is responsible for 60 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions produced by the construction of a family block of Dairy Milk Chocolate.  But don’t worry, Cadbury plan to feed the cows more clover so they burp less and give them less fibre so they … (well, you get the picture).  All of this feed manipulation will result in a carbon emission reduction of 50 percent by 2020.  I do hope Kevin is paying attention.

Cadbury have also decided that they should look out for the lactose intolerant among us with a very clear warning.  From now on Dairy Milk Chocolate will come with a warning label: “CONTAINS MILK”.  I’m so glad they bothered.

But that’s not the end of the image management.  Cocoa has a bit of a bad rap because lately people have noticed that most of it gets picked by children paid little or nothing for their efforts.  So Cadbury plan get themselves a Fairtrade logo by the end of August 2009, but only for chocolate on sale in the UK.  Australian consumers clearly aren’t fussy about such things.  So the cocoa used in Australian Cadbury products will continue to exploit third world children.

You may be wondering about the motivation for this flurry of positive spin (at least in the UK).  Cadbury have created a billion dollar empire off the back of a product that is 55.5 percent sugar and 29.5 percent fat. 

More than half of their product is as addictive as cocaine and has been unequivocally proven to cause obesity, type II diabetes and heart disease.  I’m struggling to think of a food that could be more dangerous for human consumption.  And so far they’ve gotten away with convincing us all it’s a harmless treat. 

Are we really expected to believe they’ve gone all tree-huggy and grown a conscience?  No, the far more likely explanation is that all this work is aimed at making us feel a bit better about chocolate.  The hope being that, when folks like Dr Walker call for a chocolate tax, right thinking people will quietly point him and his ilk to Cadbury’s impeccable green credentials and responsible labelling. 

Dr Walker is a British GP who wants governments to become our nanny and stop us eating chocolate.  It’s a silly proposal and it got voted down by the British Medical Association (by only two votes), but it’s indicative of a distinctly anti-chocolate mood that is gathering pace in old blighty.

We don’t need warnings about milk on our milk chocolate, but we do need warnings like these:




Let’s stop worrying about flatulent cows and start worrying about exploited children in Africa and fat children here. 

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  • Sravanthi says:

    Milk is one of the main things to worry about here. Milk comes from the cows which is an integral part of cadbury’s chocolate. You should take a look at how these farms which supply milk to cadbury treat their cattle.
    Besides, milk is not good for health and is the cause of diabetes and cancers. Some more research on this front will help you turn vegan if you still aren’t. Thank you.

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