Sugar syrup made by bees.

The majority of nutrients including proximates, minerals and vitamins were derived from a composite of six samples of honey including four brands (1x Farmland, 1x Capilano, 2x IXL, 2x Farmers Union) purchased in Adelaide in 1990 (AGAL 1990). Cholesterol and fibre were imputed based on international literature.
Sugar, confectionery and sweet spreads
Name Value (g)
Dietry Fibre 0
Omega-6 0
Omega-3 0
Protein 0
Total Fat 0
Total Fructose 41.4
Name Value (g)
Fructose 40.6
Glucose 33.2
Sucrose 1.6
Maltose 6.7
Lactose 0
Sugar, confectionery and sweet spreads
Sugars and Sweeteners
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