Jellied meat mixture, also known as presswurst. Commonly contains pork, but may also contain chicken. Other ingredients include vinegar, spices, salt, thickener (gelatine), cereal, soy protein, sugars, antioxidant, mineral salts, sodium nitrate and water.

Proximates, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids were derived from a composite of 6 products, purchased in Adelaide in 1988 (AGAL 1988). Brands analysed included 1x Del (pork brawn), 2x Dons (pork brawn), 2x Don (presswurst), 1x Steinhoff (pork/chicken presswurst).
Meat and Meat Products
Name Value (g)
Dietry Fibre 0
Omega-6 1.33
Omega-3 0.11
Protein 0.11
Total Fat 16.9
Total Fructose 0
Name Value (g)
Fructose 0
Glucose 0
Sucrose 0
Maltose 0
Lactose 0
Meat and Meat Products
Processed Meats
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