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The British Sugar Free Shopper’s Guide is the must-have navigator for your local supermarket if you plan to buy anything in a package. The guide contains comprehensive listings of the most commonly purchased categories of packaged food available in British stores. Each category has been scoured for brands that have less than 3 grams of sugar per 100 grams. It’s a guide that removes all the bad products from the supermarket shelf and makes it easy for you to select simply and quickly from the good ones that are left. But wait. There’s more. It also includes a similar analysis of the popular fast food options on offer in most British cities.

The 2016 update to the Sugar Free Shopper’s Guide includes hundreds of new products that have less than 3g of sugar per 100g. Coverage also includes most categories of supermarket food and 8 fast food chains. The guide is now 265 pages of low sugar goodness.

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