By November 30, 2013

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  • michael says:


    I have suffered loss of muscle tone and for the last year have had blurred vision diplopia in both eyes on an intermittent basis, my GP wont listen to me and referred me to an eye specialist plus my cardiologist wont hear that statins may be the problem,he thought I should see a neurologist, If i were to see the eye doctor then most likely it would result in cataract surgery and then all further issues would then be blamed on the eye surgery.I have taken myself off statins and viola my double vision is totally gone..I have some medical background and I know that my cataract condition is minor and not yet ready for surgery, from the first I was given statins some 3-4 years ago I knew my muscles were being affected, however it is impossible to get my doctor to take me seriously and thus my adverse reaction will not be recorded as a statistic as my doctors are of a different persuasion. My decision to go off statins was made as I value sight above cardiac prevention modalities, especially as I have not had a cardiac event to date.


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