FREE Recipes from the Sweet Poison Cookbook

When you first quit sugar, its handy to have some stand-by recipes.  Grab this starter set of recipes from the book absolutely free.

These recipes were developed by Peta Dent. Peta is a proper chef, so the recipes are full-on, professionally developed desserts and sweet treats fit for inclusion in any TV chef’s collection. This doesn’t mean they’re hard to make or use bizarre ingredients (Guatamalan chia seeds anyone?).

Peta has cooked each of the recipes dozens of times, trying different combinations and adjusting the quantities until we (and a random selection of sugar-addicted and sugar-free guinea pigs) were happy with the end product. I’ve tasted all of them. The quality control was hard work, but someone had to battle through all that ice cream and cake (okay, I had a little help from the kids!). Lizzie has also made a lot the recipes to make sure an average person in an average kitchen with an average supermarket down the road can pull them off . They’re spectacularly good and we are very excit-ed by the sheer abundance of high-quality fructose-free options this book represents.

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  • Tamsin says:

    I want to shout out to the world that I have found a fish and chip shop that cook everything in animal fat. The chips are amazing!!!! I am not on facebook or twitter and I really don’t know how to find the right place to inform everyone but I was so excited and ended up here. The shop is called Neptunes Bar and Grill at 323 Princes Hwy Bulli NSW 2516 ph: 02 42844510. I live locally so I am lucky. Cant find any place in Sydney however the Morrison Hotel in the city sell duck fat chips. Is there anywhere else???

  • Maree Batcheldor says:

    Appreciate your recipes. It’s nice to be able to have something to eat that is not a bad choice, especially when you have someone over for a cuppa and a chat.

  • Judith Davis-Lee says:

    Last night, after sourcing and buying a 1kg package of dextrose from the local Big W store, I made the chocolate banana bread from your recipe. It was delicious! I particularly liked the texture of the “bread” which is light and silky. Definitely a winner.

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