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In the last 100 years, we’ve become fatter and sicker with millions of people developing serious diseases from diabetes to cancer. Health gurus confuse us with complex diets and expensive ingredients; food manufacturers load their products with addictive and destructive ingredients causing our increasing weight and declining health. But help is at hand. Health and consumer advocate David Gillespie shares the simple secret of weight loss and wellbeing: swap processed food for REAL FOOD. Eat Real Food features:

  • An explanation of why diets don’t work and a provides a focus on what does
  • Information on how to lose weight permanently, not just in the short-term
  • Evidence-based science explaining the real culprits of ill health and weight gain.
  • Advice on how to read food labels.
  • Easy recipes to replace common processed items and meal plans that show how simple it is to shop, plan and cook Real Food.
  • Tips for lunchboxes, parties, and recipes for food kids actually like.

Eat Real Food is the safe, effective and cheap solution to lose weight and improve our health permanently

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  • Aron says:

    My copy arrived already 🙂

  • David Gillespie says:

    Excellent – hope you enjoy it!

  • Pia says:

    Yesterday, I drove all the way to the next town (only 45 mins) to buy a copy from a supplier who had it in stock. I’m already half way through and can’t wait to start discussing it on my Sweet Poison/IQS Facebook site.

    David, thank you SOOOOOOO much for championing healthy eating, thank you for facing up to the bullies in our political and economic culture, thank you for sharing the REAL truth. Your name is David, your research is your stone, your words are your slingshot and you can guess who is the giant.

    Keep on slaying them!

  • Half way through my sweet poison book and absolutely loving it, cant wait to get the new “Eat real food” book 😀

  • Drew says:

    Hi David love your new book But i think you got to eat grain feed meat if possible i think you ment .to say grass feed if possiible on page296 shopping list.

  • David Gillespie says:

    Should definitely be grass fed as possible – will ensure that is corrected in the next print run

  • Adrian says:

    David, I heard your broadcast on the ABC’s 774 afternoon program.
    It’s nothing if not timely for me as I’ve been off work for 4 months with Diabetes Type 2 complications that are going nowhere but worse.
    I’ve heard more sound advice in the brief interview than I’ve ever got from the medical profession.
    I was about to give up life, but now, I’ve got hope!
    I’ll seek out and buy your books this weekend, so that I can implement a plan to become healthy.
    Thirty years ago I read and followed the Pritikin Diet and lost weight but sadly, I fell by the wayside, as one does without understanding the consequence, in one’s youth. I didn’t know about diabetes in those days.

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  • Alyson Cooper says:

    Hi David, I am sitting here at the What Should You Eat Seminar and finding it incredibly frustrating. I love your book Eat Real Food and like the way you just ‘tell it how it is ‘ without the frills . Will you be doing a talking tour with your book. Would love to listen to you in person about this book and would encourage many others to come to.

  • Dirk says:

    Type 2 diabetes is curable. My wife and I have done it. A combination of High Fat Low Carb, intermittent fasting and exercise. Three websites that can help are diet; and fitteru.u. David got us started with Sweet Poison but for diabetes these other sites offer additional insight and medical expertise.
    If want more info let me know. We have had amazing associated improvements in health from a very focused approach; some changes are almost beyond belief. For the first time is all her life my wife no longer suffers from major cramps. We no longer suffer any reflux and we were bad. And the one that floors me. My white hair is turning black and my bold patch is regenerating hair. I lost 10 kg by cutting out sugar. HFLC has dropped another 12 kg and I am still losing weight. My wife lost almost as much. Our energy levels have gone through the roof.

  • Jimmer says:

    Just wondering if in the next run you’ll still be advocating eating red meat now that it’s been listed as a carcinogen?

  • John C says:

    Hi, just heard you on the radio and want to purchase your book. What is the difference between the eat real food cookbook and the other book ,eat real food?
    I saw on the table of content on the book, eat real food, that there are recipes in this.

  • David Gillespie says:

    In the cookbook the science is more summarised and there is more practical advice (with pictures). Also there are a larger number of recipes (and of course pictures of them) and some illustrated step by step guides (such as making the sough dough starter). In short if you want more science get Eat Real Food but if you want a more practical focus then the cookbook is probably better. Or of course you could get both – they are written with a view to complimenting each other.

  • Caroline Fitzwarryne says:

    Had great trouble getting dextrose – Coles has never had beer making materials that people said have dextrose. Not in sugar areas of supermarkets (coles, woollies, IGA). Maybe Brisbane is different from Canberra. I’ve had to order it from “bulk powders” and it is expensive (with postage) – $45 for 5 kilos – works out at $9 a kilo.

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