In Sweet Poison I suggest glucose is the only truly safe sweetener (for people who are not diabetic).  But quite a few parents (who are not having much luck with the ‘if water doesn’t appeal you’re not thirsty’ line) have emailed asking what (if any) drinks they can buy which are sweetened only with glucose.

I have managed to identify two so far but I would be very happy to hear from people who have found more.  The ones I have found are Staminade Powder and Lucozade Energy.
Staminade make a powdered version of their Lemon Lime Sports Drink.  This version is sweetened only with Dextrose (another name for glucose).  Mix it up with some water (or soda water) and you get quite a pleasant slightly sweet drink.  Kids love it.  But be careful.  Only the powdered version will do.  All of the pre-mixed flavours are sweetened with sugar.
If you prefer your drinks pre-mixed and bubbly then Lucozade Energy is the way to go.  This ‘sports’ drink is sweetened only with glucose syrup (in Australia).  Be careful if you live in the UK or US because, in those places, Lucozade comes in a variety of flavours.  With the exception of Lucozade Original Energy, the rest are sweetened with fructose.
Please let me know if you find more.

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